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Attractive Surfaces for Wireless Charging Device

Despite the conveniences of modern technology, wires restrain us. Most of us have experienced the frantic search for a charger or electric plug as cell phone batteries run low (like the YouTube video below).

Corian surfaces by Dupont, a leading global brand for surface material, innovates stylish and durable products. In 2015, Corian introduced a wireless charging surface for mobile devices. A transmitter hides within the surface of a counter or tabletop. It transmits energy to a receiver that is either in or attached to the smartphone or tablet placed on the surface. For devices without an internal receiver, a wireless ring-shaped receiver plugs into them. Qi or PMA enabled devices already incorporate a receiver in their body so no attachment is needed.

The charging surface is available in a variety of attractive patterns and colors, allowing them to fit into the design of homes or businesses.

About the Author

Hilary Edesess is a freelance journalist based in Marseille, France. She blogs about culture, art and urban design.

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