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A Preview of the Trends Shaping the Home of Tomorrow


Courtesy of VENJAKOB

As one of the top furniture fairs in the world, IMM Cologne is a great place to see how the homes of tomorrow will be furnished.

Promotional literature for the show informs us that throughout the entire IMM Cologne exhibition there is a trend towards a light palette of grays together with natural and pastel shades. Metal also is popular with an emphasis on brass and gold finishes.

At IMM Cologne there is something for every demographic. The show is divided into different sections, including Pure, which focuses on high-end and artisanal pieces, Prime, a mid-priced exhibition, and the Smart Sector, oriented towards young people in “starter” apartments. But let’s drill down on the Prime section, where some of the larger furniture makers are exhibiting because it offers insights into the major trends shaping the industry.

Among the heavyweights in Prime is Alfons Venjakob, which is exhibiting a spare wood dining room table balanced on a plinth surrounded by sleek metal supported chairs that look as though they would be at home around an office table. Paidi Mobile, a manufacturer of children’s furniture and is exhibiting a selection of Baby Rooms, spare simple interiors with cubby hold cabinets and storage beds in baby blues and pinks. Hulsta-Werke is back at Prime with sleek sectional and standalone sofas in earth tone fabrics.

The fair’s Vice-President for Management, Matthias Pollman provided ArchiExpo e-Magazine correspondent Alex Ulam with more of an overview of what to expect.

Alex Ulam: What are the predominant materials being used in this year’s Prime Exhibition?

Matthias Pollman: We are seeing a lot of wood furniture and some veneers in dining room chairs and tables.

Ulam: What are some up and coming countries for furniture design?

Pollman: There are a growing number of exhibitors from Eastern and Central Europe where production is cheaper; countries such as Ukraine, Slovenia and Turkey. But contemporary furniture design in Prime does not differ by region, for example, it is not that different between Germany and Ukraine.

Ulam: Is there an overarching theme to Prime this year?

Pollman: Technology is not a big thing in this sector. The main theme this year is the focus on health and sustainability and you can see that in the widespread use of wood and natural materials. Although not all the furniture found here is made by hand, it’s also not oriented towards mass production.

About the Author

Alex Ulam is a freelance journalist and design critic based in New York.

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