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A Tool to Create Your Own Tiling


Mosa Tile Pattern Generator may appeal to those questing for uniqueness. Launched in 2013 as a mural tiling generator, this free online tool was recently upgraded to allow its users to customize floor tiling.

The Pattern Generator is available for free on Mosa’s website. It allows designers, architects and any creative professionals to play with a rich library of patterns. What makes it special is that architects have the possibility to design their own patterns with all the tiles from Mosa’s collection.

As an inspiration source, Mosa asked 22 German architects and designers to create their own patterns for a book.

Tilings Ready for BIM

Designers can save, export and print their creations. In 2015, 1915 patterns have been generated by unique users.

Once a pattern is generated, the tool provides practical information, such as instructions and reference for the tiler. The Dutch company is also updating its tool on a regular basis. By mid-2016, Mosa intends to make the generated technical specifications compatible with BIM software.

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