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A Yoga Haven Just Outside the City

@ Julie Defrance

The slogan “leave your shoes and your worries at the door” gives you an idea of the kind of place Villa Yoga aspires to be. Located just outside the city of Lille, Villa Yoga is a center that aims to provide an introduction to spirituality and living in harmony with nature in a positive, inspiring environment.

Delivered in 2018, the Wellness Center signed Colfedy & Associés extends over 860m2, south of the town of Bondues. This project called Villa Yoga is located on a site that will allow visitors to relax on their arrival.

The building is naturally placed on the site by a base that forms an external passageway. The base has an overhanging roof that acts as a sunshade during the summer months and allows direct sunlight during the winter months.

The entire building is covered with silver-gray aging wood cladding to facilitate the integration of the building into its natural environment and create a soothing environment for visitors. The building is a place connected to nature, every detail of which has been designed to live yoga in a harmonious, positive and inspiring environment.


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