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Agape and Luceplan at Design Post 2018


Courtesy of Design Post 2018

Design professionals and design lovers enjoyed this year’s 2018 Design Post KÖLN, a showroom for home design inspiration. The event is highly focused on consulting among retailers, architects, clients and project owners who come to explore new interior design trends in an innovative and interactive environment.

Design Post included a diverse array of designers including Agape, whose Agapecasa home design extension  presents their collection Common Sense, “A number of new products against a backdrop of original design classics.” The exhibit revisits a series of bookshelves, tables and chairs that date from their 1950s-1970s collections.

Luceplan lighting solutions included two of their most innovative lamps: Diade, re-envisioned by Monica Armani, and Amisol, the latest product designed by Daniel Rybakken. Diade is a suspension lamp and “modular architectural element that defines space, personalizing rooms with understated elegance and remarkable visual comfort.” It is composed of a central extruded body along with two panels that can be installed vertically or horizontally. Amisol, a large lamp with elegant lines, has an adjustable light disk. It consists of a translucent white film or a metallized reflecting membrane stretched inside a circular aluminum border, creating a theatrical, poetic effect.

Find additional Design Post participants here.

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