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    ArchiExpo e-Mag’s Holiday Special 2016


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    The end of the year is upon us and before the next year begins, enjoy the fun holiday moment when we can get away with sniffing a tree. For all those celebrating Christmas, for all those who enjoy the smell of pine, for all those who simply love art and decorations:

    British artist Alex Chinneck trapped a five-metre-tall Christmas tree inside gigantic a ice cube in London’s Kings Cross. The tree sits inside a two-tonne block of resin carved to look like an ice cube. The surrounding puddle is made from 250 kilograms of clear wax. At night, 1,200 lights adorning the tree glow brightly through the resin.

    alex chinneck christmas tree kings cross deisgn installation st martins london uk

    Alex Chinneck’s Christmas tree


    Artist Shirazeh Houshiary, however, hangs her Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling of London’s Tate Britain. The work, which focuses on the tree’s natural qualities such as texture, colour, smell and shape, hangs upside down from the glass ceiling in the Millbank entrance, its roots exposed and covered in gold leaf, drawing light and attention to what is usually underground.

    Tate Britain Christmas tree by Shirazeh Houshiary

    Tate Britain Christmas tree by Shirazeh Houshiary

    A Christmas tree installation by Apple’s Jonathan Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson was unveiled in London last November. Alongside British set designer Michael Howells, they created the “magical experience,” a room-size interpretation of a Christmas tree, located in the lobby of Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair.

    jony ive marc newson christmas tree design claridges london

    Christmas tree installation by Apple’s Jonathan Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson

    Happy Holidays from ArchiExpo e-Magazine

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    Erin Tallman is a journalist and the Editor in Chief for ArchiExpo e-magazine. She contributes to other online publications and, as an author, has already published her first novel.

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