Architect@Work—Editor’s Pick of Noteworthy Lighting Products

Architect@Work—Editor’s Pick of Noteworthy Lighting Products

June 2019—The time-efficient European exhibition Architect@Work held its Marseille edition where exhibitors met an exclusive audience of professionals in the region. Brands exhibited a considerable amount of noteworthy products, and we found a special interest for those in the lighting industry this year.

A panel of architects and interior designers had to approve of each product the brands wished to exhibit—ensuring quality materials, applications and services while succeeding in innovation—, so the attractiveness of the design acted as the cherry on the cake.


French brand Designheure, a lovely play on words, boasts of 100% Made in France contemporary lighting that achieves 50% of its turnover internationally and trades in over 75 countries. New collections launched yearly, the brand exhibited its Kimono, Reef and Shield collections by designer Jette Scheib as well as an extension to the Mozaik collection by designer Davide Oppizzi.   

Fascinated by the mystery and power of the Zulu people, Jette Scheib was inspired by the shape of the African shield. The white and black graphics of Shield emphasize the straightness of the Zulu shields, while the overall design—made from fabrics, lacquered steel and woven wire— aims to highlight the identity of the tribe: group cohesion.

shield lighting by designheure

Certain architectural forms match a symmetry that only nature can create, such as seen from the diversity of coral reef shapes and the aquatic world. Marveled by such organisms, Jette Scheib wanted to suggest these half-animal, semi-plant forms that intrigue and fascinate around the world when creating Reef—made from fabrics, lacquered steel and woven wire.

reef lighting by designheure

The Japanese dress style has been defined for generations by one garment: the kimono. Aesthetically fascinating, its function seems to hide and unveil all at once. The Kimono is made from four unique pieces. Simple but complex, it has become the symbol of Japanese elegance and culture. The collection Kimono, made from fabrics, lacquered steel and woven wire, is designed as a tribute. It was born of admiration for an 8th-century tradition that has been and remains a revelation for all areas of design in the world.

kimono lighting product by designheure

Mozaik is an architectural and modulable collection designed to structure the space: at the same time lamp and space separator according to the chosen version. Davide Oppizzi focused on the concept of mosaics and its geometric shapes. He imagined what it would be like to create a luminous surface that resembled the falling of meteorites, like rain. Made from fabrics, brushed brass, lacquered steel, fiber glass and colorful woven wire, this collection plays with the infinite possibilities of finishes for fabrics and textile cords. The collection is declined in several sizes and models: suspension, panels, chandeliers.

mozaik lighting product by designheure


Spanish brand Santa & Cole edits household and urban furniture and lighting, ranging from indoor lighting to large street lamps and benches for pedestrians. Editing means unveiling a piece of work usually created by someone else; in which case, the company selects a recognizable author in order to produce objects in partnership with a good designer. The brand displayed Tekiò (‘adaptation’ in Japanese) which consists of a lighting system based on LED structures covered with paper modules—designed by Anthony Dickens and inspired by the traditional Japanese paper lantern that is ubiquitous throughout Asia.

According to Santa & Cole, the hypothesis underpinning editing is that the design can be legally protected, with recognized and protected intellectual property, just like book publishers but for objects. The company always protects the designer’s original value and the intellectual property of their work from third-party infringement, all over the world. In any event, they are appalled rather than amused by all devalued fakes that attempt to replace an original.



Portuguese brand Indelague adopted a multi-brand strategy and uses Indelague, Roxo Lighting and IEA – Cable Trays brands to address various business segments in the lighting and electrical area. The Indelague Group supplies professional lighting solutions, luminaries, LED solutions, lighting management systems for indoor and outdoor applications. The company develops and fabricates light fixtures for offices, educational facilities, retail shops, hotels, art and culture buildings, healthcare facilities, industry and large environments.

One of its newest products, STELLA 66 is a compact and durable IP66 waterproof luminaire for demanding applications. Is the perfect solution for food industries, production areas, technical rooms, logistics facilities, car parks, warehouses and corridors.

The Indelague group also recently launched the OmniaControl, equipment that allows controlling luminaires through voice commands or remotely over a wireless connection.

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