Erin Tallman

American artist Erin Tallman is a journalist for various online publications and is the Editor in Chief of AgriExpo e-magazine and ArchiExpo e-magazine. She has published three books, including her first novel.

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While the average Joe can have a 3-D printer in his own home and select product design drawings through open source platforms, there’s much left to understand. Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen amazes with flashy, complex geometrical outfits customized to individual body scans with a multi-material printer....


Tom Dixon’s speech during designjunction in Milan last April brought up the need to offer visitors the possibility of seeing and buying ready available products. To follow, the exhibition did exactly that during this year’s London Design Festival. Brands installed pop-up shops around the space where their products...

London’s various design districts brought another round of inspiring objects to view. ArchiExpo enjoyed spotting the best products and installations for 2015. Curiosity Cloud by renowned Austrian design duo mischer’traxler. Each of the 250 mouth-blown glass globes contained a single hand-fabricated insect and each...

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