Erin Gigl

Erin Gigl is a freelance design and travel writer, editor and artist.


Accommodating the perpetual shift of contemporary working styles, the Dekleva Gregorič architects innovated the (un)curtain office in 2014. Dekleva Gregorič architects were commissioned in 2013 to transform 350 square meters into an office space (See also “The workspace via architect Michele De Lucchi’s Milan 2015...

Paris design duo HeHe, Heiko Hansen and Helen Evans revived history with the M-Blem, an autonomous vehicle that ran on the world’s first recognizable modern inter-city railway, the Liverpool and Manchester. During the AND (Abandon Normal Devices) festival in 2012, the M-Blem awaited ticket holders, two passengers at a...


Polish born, Denmark-based textile designer Martyna Barbara Golik recently developed a collection of textile objects that strive to translate the experience of taste into touch. TOUCH THAT TASTE! approaches the five main taste sensations: umami, sweet, salty, bitter and sour as five tangible and functional,...

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