• Joann Plockova


    In Prague, off a busy main road in one of the city’s outer districts, a quiet side street is dotted with industrial warehouses that sit behind fences fashioned from chain link and sheets of corrugated metal. Inside one of them, Gravelli—a local brand with global reach—makes everything from furniture to washbasins to...

    Inside looking out, a 19,500-square-meter facility, with a striking anodized aluminum and glass facade, frames the view of the adjacent 17th century St. George’s Church in Sheffield. The University of Sheffield’s new faculty of engineering building comprises hundreds of individual pieces of various shapes, sizes and...


    The latest proposals are getting higher. An 80-story timber tower in London, 40 stories in Stockholm marked by a distinctive timber façade. Completed and in-process projects are also reaching new heights: the 14-story TREET residential tower in Norway (PDF) (completed in 2015 and surpassing Australia’s 10-story Forte...

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