Sole Møller

Sole Møller is a Danish freelance journalist based in San Fransisco.

San Francisco Design Week is billed as the largest design festival on the West Coast: This year’s 10th anniversary edition attracted around 40,000 attendees over the course of nine days, from June 14 to 22. More than 200 events covered a wide range of design-related topics, from fashion to film, furniture,...

Uruguay rarely makes headlines. The small South American country of just 3.4 million people is mostly known for fútbol, renewable energy and legalizing marijuana. But in recent years a quiet design revolution has swept across the country. Despite the fact that it has only been possible to study industrial design in...

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Recently, Peter Taylor had an epiphany. He was at a restaurant with his young daughter who was annoyed that the lights were too bright. At home she was used to controlling the lights with her voice using Amazon Echo so she shouted: “Alexa, lights off!” The waiter was perplexed as to why a girl would talk to the...

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