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Big5: Palace Plumbing

Courtesy of Rothenberger

The Big 5 International Building and Construction Show, held at the Dubai World Trade Center November 21-24, 2016, hosted thousands of construction suppliers. Rothenberger, international innovator of pipe tools, climate-control and environmental technologies for over 60 years, has been attending the Big 5 since 2007. Umer Jahangir, facility management specialist for Rothenberger Middle East, talked to ArchiExpo about its Rocam 4 pipeline inspection camera.

ArchiExpo: When was the Rocam first released?

Jahangir: Rocam 3 was released in 2014 in Germany. Rocam 4, the latest edition, released in 2015, is completely touch-screen operated with a changeable cable. These are both improvements of the former model.

ArchiExpo: How does it facilitate construction?

Jahangir: The Rocam 4’s shape is classy and easy to handle. Other cameras don’t emphasize appearance and handling facility. The Rocam allows companies to find pipeline blockages and identify their cause. Hotels and facility maintenance companies use it most.

ArchiExpo: Explain the Rocam’s mountable transmitter.

Jahanagir: It’s basically a locator chip that determines where the camera head is when it’s been fed through the pipe. After finding the blockage with Rocam 4, by holding the locator upright and hovering it over the pipeline, it signals the blockage’s position from outside.

ArchiExpo: Who benefits from Wi-Fi image live-streaming?

Jahangir: Higher management at a hotel, for example, can be in their office and access the live stream to see the blockage and manage workers. Management should download the app Rocam 4 for iOS or Android on their device. Facility management at Burj Khalifa, Emirates Palace Hotel and Jumeirah Group Hotels, for example, use Rocam 4.

ArchiExpo: What are benefits of Rocam image editing?

Jahangir: You can draw arrows, circle the blockage or add comments about the blockage type and equipment needed to remove it.

ArchiExpo: What are the Rocam’s limitations?

Jahangir: The one place where I see room for improvement is that we cannot extend the cable length more than 30 meters.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

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Hilary Edesess is a freelance journalist based in Marseille, France. She blogs about culture, art and urban design.

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