Cersaie—New Products, Bathroom Fun and Eco-architecture

Cersaie—New Products, Bathroom Fun and Eco-architecture

September 2019—The place to discover the latest ceramic and other surface coverings and bathroom furnishings, Cersaie hosted exhibitors presenting high-quality products while seamlessly mixing fun with maturity. We put together a list of top new products and offer insights into a few key elements of the fair. The Famous Bathrooms exhibition featured inspirational products set in the bathroom of famous people, while architect Anupama Kundoo spoke about socioeconomically-appropriate architecture with low environmental impact.  

Top New Products 

Here’s an ensemble of only some of the new products we enjoyed discovering.

Cristina Rubinetterie collaborated with Makio Hasuike & Co to design Thermo Up thermostatic mixing valve available in seven different finishes, including matte. It sets a precise temperature and water flow in order to reduce waste. See featured image.

Lithos by Cotto d’Este is part of the company’s Protect line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces. It is available in six finishes and four colors.

In line with the increasingly widespread “used look”, Ceramiche Piemme Soul porcelain stoneware floors are designed to ‘warm up’ the space just like an antique and sturdy parquet, made from oak. Thanks to new digital technologies, the soul of the oak is recreated in its most natural aspect, with all its nodes, flames and signs of aging, of aging.

Soul. Courtesy of Ceramiche Piemme.


Step by Scarabeo is an environmentally sustainable ceramic shower tray. The company reuses leftover mixtures and residues from the ceramic production process, resulting in a ductile material that is resistant to frequent uses and suitable for extreme environmental conditions. The surface is non-slip. It is waterproof and can support loads of up to 1000kg. It is resistant to impacts, abrasions and stains. It is unaffected by thermal shocks and adverse weather.


Step shower tray Scarabeo

Step shower tray. Courtesy of Scarabeo.


Le Palladiane by Rex was inspired by the ancient and precious Palladian Italian villas in fine marble. The tile range expresses a return to the origins and authentic characters of magnificent relics. Rex reinterprets the characteristics of prestigious and luxurious Palladian floors through the use of two basic colors, white and honey.

Le Palladiane. Courtesy of Rex.

Le Palladiane. Courtesy of Rex.

Another new tile range to consider is Sensi of Casa dolce casa, designed by Matteo Thun.


Soak in History

Art critic Philippe Daverio introduced Famous Bathrooms, an exhibition of crosscutting products and cultural value inspired by those such as The Beatles, Sigmund Freud, Coco Chanel, Piet Mondrian, Le Corbusier and Maria Callas.

An ironic, fun and irreverent event to spark the curiosity of visitors, Famous Bathrooms displayed a wide range of products for inspiration. The exhibition focused on companies and their high-quality, timeless design products. 

Promoted by Confindustria Ceramica

In collaboration with BOLOGNAFIERE 

Organized by EDI.CER.spa 

Building, Dwelling, Thinking

As part of the 11th “building, dwelling, thinking” cultural program, architect Anupama Kundoo spoke about how to achieve an architecture that has low environmental impact and is appropriate to the socio-economic context.

She is currently a Professor at UCJC Madrid where she is Chair of “Affordable Habitat”. Kundoo’s work extends to urban design and planning projects thanks to her background in development issues related to rapid urbanization, about which she has written extensively.

Watch this video in which Kundoo speaks about economically-sound sustainable architecture. In the meantime, watch the video below published at Venice Biennale 2016.

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