COVID-19: A Newly Invented Ventilator Designed by Dyson in 10 Days

COVID-19: A Newly Invented Ventilator Designed by Dyson in 10 Days
CoVent. Courtesy of Dyson Ldt.

As the pandemic continues to spread around the world, a shortage of masks and ventilators has been a major topic for cities and countries that have become the epicenter of the disease. Sir James Dyson, founder of Dyson Ltd., known for its cordless vacuum cleaners and hairstyling products, has recently designed a new type of ventilator in 10 days and is making 15,000 for the pandemic fight.

The CoVent is a newly invented ventilator designed by Sir James Dyson in 10 days, using the company’s existing digital motor that has already been optimized for safety and efficiency and collaborating with The Technology Partnership (TTP) to bring the project to life.

The battery-powered machine can be used in different settings such as field hospitals and while transporting patients. The CoVent can run on battery power if needed, as a portable or bed-mounted device. 

“The device is designed to achieve a high-quality air supply to ensure its safety and effectiveness, drawing on our air purifier expertise which delivers high-quality filtration in high-volume products,” the entrepreneur said in an interview with Architectural Digest. “The ventilators are slated for availability in early April”

Areas of crossover include digital motors, battery packs, airflow analysis and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

Dyson and TTP will be working with the Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory products Agency and the UK Government to ensure the product and manufacturing process are approved, making the machine a regulated product.

The UK Government has already ordered 10,000 units that will be supplied on an “open-book” basis, according to the Belfast Telegraph. The company is donating an additional 5,000 units—1,000 of which are designated to the UK—and is looking to make the machines available internationally.

A Dyson competitor in the UK is also working on ventilators, according to the Observer. Gtech, which makes cordless vacuum cleaners and garden power tools, has submitted two examples to the government for assessment. 

In the US, automakers, including Tesla, Ford and GM, are utilizing their HVAC [Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning] manufacturing facilities to produce ventilators to fulfill domestic shortages. 

More on automotive brands manufacturing ventilators in an article on DirectIndustry e-magazine here.

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