Cremme, a French-Brazilian Connection

Cremme, a French-Brazilian Connection

Slightly French and very Brazilian” is how premium furniture and household accessory brand Cremme defines itself on its website. The firm was founded in São Paolo in 2013 by two young French entrepreneurs, Hadrien Lelong and Pierre Colnet. Cremme products are available in-store and on the internet and are inspired mainly by Scandinavian and Japanese design. In a word—simplicity.

“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. In it, you will find a perfectionism and dedication that only the more trained eye can catch. This is the philosophy that guides our business,” says Colnet, who is responsible for product development, branding and marketing, while Lelong takes care of finances and logistics.

Cremme works with designers from all over the world, including Frenchwoman Cécile Désille; Brazilians Fabricio Ronca, Ronaldo Duschenes, Dari Beck and Selma Calheira, and Argentinians Julieta Castillo and Patricia Lascano. The whole manufacturing process, though, is Cremme’s responsibility.


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Courtesy of Cremme


The high quality finish of the products is impressive, and is reflected in the prices. For example, a dinner table displayed at the company’s shop in São Paulo’s Pinheiros neighborhood once made such an impression on a visitor that Pierre was asked if it had been manufactured in Italy.

“We are really, really stubbornly selective, only working with manufacturers who give us the opportunity to discuss everything and participate in the whole manufacturing process. For example, the quality finish on that table is only possible when you depart from standard manufacturing procedures,” explains Pierre.

A fine example of the company’s philosophy is the Botané (Greek for botany) collection, made in partnership with Portuguese designer Pedro Ribeiro. It is inspired by the leaves of trees and plants he used to collect in São Paulo, his current home. Botané consists of five tables varying from 20 to 30 centimeters in height and of different proportions. They can be used either as separate side tables or stacked in an original way to create a large central table. Their solid tops can be ordered in different woods and colors, while the base is made of steel, with either a black or brass finish.

However, it is not only about quality. Cremme’s goal is to promote the dreams and lifestyle philosophy behind their products, rather than just acting as curators of diverse furniture design. That is also why both Pierre and Hadrien have been involved in São Paulo’s artistic scene, hosting parties and events, such as a photography exhibition at the store. It could not get more French-Brazilian than that!


Cremme, a French-Brazilian Connection

Cremme, a French-Brazilian Connection


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