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Davide G. Aquini Heads to FuoriSalone Milano

Courtesy of Aquini studio

Venetian freelance designer, teacher and creator of ADG Design Davide G. Aquini fashions witty furniture and lighting design products in collaboration with larger brands. He is also an accomplished self-producer and has a background in graphic design and advertising. ArchiExpo spoke with the designer to discuss his limited-edition Macarons / Postmodern lampshades made for FuoriSalone Ventura Lambrate 2015. He also reveals details on an upcoming project.

ArchiExpo: Why “digital folk textures” and “mixed pastel colors” for the Macarons lampshades?

Davide G. Aquini: Macarons are a French tradition. I decided to research vintage flavors and match each color with a certain taste. The folk pattern is an opportunity to have a vintage touch, but I didn’t want it to be a vintage project. So I decided to digitalize and pixilate the patterns. The digital folk style was born.

ArchiExpo: What is important about this style?

Davide G. Aquini: The postmodern style is one of the examples of Italian design during the 80’s; I think it was very contemporary during those days

ArchiExpo: What are you working on right now?

Davide G. Aquini: I’m working on a new exhibition for FuoriSalone for May 2016. In November 2015, I introduced Gran Turismo Lamp, dedicated to the Alfa Romeo 6C2300 Gran Turismo and made of marble and brass. Now I’m going to make a bigger version using different marble. The marble is Rosso Verona and comes from Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. It has a beautiful red hue.

ArchiExpo: What else will you submit to FuoriSalone 2016?

Davide G. Aquini: Another project in Carrara marble called Petit, produced by Apuana Corporate It is a collection of small vases that hold a single flower, like in the French novel The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Aquini can be found this April 2016 during Salone del Mobile at Milano Lambrate, via Massimiano 25.

ArchiExpo: Any advice for young designers?

Davide G. Aquini: Personally, I love self-production because of my education in graphic design. I like to be involved with the choice of materials and manufactures. Self-production is more complete. But it’s interesting to work with big brands because you have the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of production systems with a larger budget.

Petit Aquini

Petit by Aquini. Courtesy of the studio.

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