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Designing Sexy Solar Roofs

Courtesy of Tesla

In their mission to accelerate the world’s shift to renewable energy, Tesla has partnered with SolarCity to become the first and only integrated sustainable energy company, from generation through storage to transportation.

The company maintains that form doesn’t always need to follow function. They can work hand-in-hand for the greater good and a better look. With the launch of their new Solar Roof, design-conscious consumers don’t need to worry about the appearance of bulky panels. When installed, these new cells are totally imperceptible to passers-by, and resemble typical, sleek roof tiles. The cells are surfaced with tempered glass that comes in four different styles and renders the cells extremely durable.

Functioning similarly to solar panels, the Solar Roof cells are even more energy efficient, producing more energy even at higher temperatures. What’s more interesting, the Solar Roof costs less than a regular roof and brings down utility costs drastically. The Solar Roof can be linked to a classic electrical grid or paired with Tesla’s Power Wall, which enables users to become power-independant, even going off-grid.

Why would homeowners go any other way?


About the Author

Erin Gigl is a freelance design and travel writer, editor and artist.

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