Drone Videography: How to Use It for Event Marketing

Drone Videography: How to Use It for Event Marketing

This article was written by Anthony Jamison, a representative at Drones Services PhoenixAnthony Jamison is the head of the Outreach Department of Drone Services Phoenix, Arizona’s premier aerial photography and videography company. When not working, he still pursues his passion for paying it forward by doing charity works and helping communities.

Videos have become increasingly more interesting to information consumers. Shots of the skyline or a bird’s eye view of the tallest building in the city are visually enticing. These types of videos are exactly what you need if you want to promote your business or practice.

Previously, you would have had to hire a helicopter, pilot and videographer all of which was a large expense. Today, using drones to capture footage makes it more convenient and less costly. These lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with software, cameras and sensors capable of capturing high-resolution, professional-quality photos and videos while flying high up in the sky. 

Using drones for aerial photography and videography will help take your architectural business or practice to a whole new level. For example, you can use drones to fly over sites to document project developments and progress. You can also use drone videography to capture the area or structure from a different perspective and then use the information you gather to formulate an effective and efficient marketing plan. 

Drone videography is also a useful tool when you want people to pay attention to what you have to offer. One way of doing this is by creating relevant events and using drones to bring these to your target audience.

The number of drone users has steadily increased in the last few years. As of January 2021, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) revealed that the number of registered drones in the United States now total more than 1.7 million. Drones have become so popular that over 80% of businesses nowadays prefer drone videos as their primary marketing tool. 


How to Use Drone Videography to Market Events 

There are many ways you can use drone videography for marketing your events. You can use it either as a primary event marketing tool or a complementary tool. You can also use it to create fun and exciting experiential marketing videos for your target audiences. For example, you can show a live preview of a site or project so that audiences get a sneak peek and an idea of what to expect. Here are some simple suggestions on how to use drone videography for marketing events.

Creating Videos for Social Media Channels: Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but you have to know which posts audiences find exciting and useful. Make videos that are relevant to your market and target audience. For example, if you’re working on a property by the mountains, use drone videography to show people sweeping and breathtaking images of the location. You can also show videos of the preparations you are doing for the project. This will give people an idea of how you work. Additionally, your videos should be posted on all your social media channels – and YouTube and Facebook should be on your list. YouTube is the most popular video streaming channel in the world, while Facebook is the leading social media network, with billions of users checking out videos every day.

Posting videos on websites and landing pages: Posting drone videos on your website is one way of enticing people to visit. You can even use the footage to lure visitors to your landing page. The videos will capture your audience’s attention, and the chances of them checking out the rest of the website are higher. Some examples of videos you can post include Behind-the-Scenes drone footage showing how you prepare for an event and a video that features past events you successfully organized. The BTS videos help generate excitement and interest, while the event flashback video will help define your brand and your services’ quality. 

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Making digital ads and newsletters: Every time you open Facebook or watch videos on YouTube, you’ll see digital ads. You can make online ads by using a drone. Think of a concept that will quickly capture your target audience’s attention. Digital newsletters are the online versions of the traditional newsletter. They are sent through email using a list of carefully selected recipients. Using a drone, you can create videos about or related to your event, post them on your YouTube channel and then send a link to the video to the people in your email list. To ensure your recipients do not see your video as spam, include a screenshot of your video and place this image in the email. There are free tools for this online. You can also use drone videography to create event promotional videos that you can send via email. 

Posting videos on blogs: Blogs are also a good platform for posting your drone videos. Aside from telling compelling stories about your event, you should also post a video or two from time-to-time. A good idea would be to complement a write-up about the event with a drone video. 

Use drone videos to acknowledge sponsors: Satisfying the sponsors is an essential factor in the success of an event. You have to make sure that they will get the value of their investment. You have to let them know how important they are to you and your event. One good and easy way to do this is by using drone videography to play up your sponsors’ involvement in the event. You can get drone videos of the sponsors’ products or whatever service they offer and then post these on social media. 

Drone advertising: Some businesses use drones for advertising their products. Restaurants, for example, sometimes use drones to fly print ads like banners showing their menu all over the city or town. Use drones to fly your event posters over relevant areas so more people will know about it. 

There are still many things that drone videography can do to help you market your events, but you can start with the tips mentioned above. The most important thing is to recognize the value that drone videos can add to your events. 

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