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Engineering of the future: Daqri Smart Helmet

Courtesy of DAQRI

Never get lost in your work environment again, and forget depending on a GPS or Wi-Fi. “The human-machine interface company” Daqri launched the Smart Helmet to enhance sensing capabilities outside the user’s traditional senses. The helmet fuses the company’s Intellitrack technology and native augmented reality software.

smart helmet daqri

Courtesy of DAQRI.

The Intellitrack, according to Daqri, solves the issue of localization by identifying where the user is in space with the use of a single camera and IMU without the dependency on GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. More than a simple guide, the device allows the user to know what part of the machine needs changing before personally investigating. The helmet not only replaces the typical hard hat, but offers a large host of other benefits:

  •       Intel RealSense camera technology
  •       DAQRI INTELLITRACK™ computer vision and navigation technology
  •       Industrial grade 360 degree sensor array with high-definition video
  •       Thermal vision sensors for predictive maintenance and enhanced worker safety
  •       4-D augmented reality displays offering an industry-leading field of view
  •       Designed for comfortable, all day wearability
  •       Live equipment data visualization
  •       Integration with DAQRI 4D Studio augmented work instruction platform
Courtesy of DAQRI

Courtesy of DAQRI

DAQRI founder and CEO Brian Mullins presented the latest version of the DAQRI SMART HELMET in January 2016. It has been in the pilot phase with Fortune 100 partners across industries including aerospace, construction, oil & gas, and more, and will be available for purchase beginning in Q1 2016.

Check out a few current case studies.

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