Foldable Workspace for the Home by Popup Studio

Popup Studio launches its crowdfunding campaign to bring a foldable workspace for the home on the market. 

Today, CEO and Founder of Popup Studio, Martin Ahe launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to bring a foldable workspace dedicated to home offices to the market—scheduled for 10 am PST.

Popup Studio is the size of a chair or small coffee table and unfolds into an acoustic and visual partition that can be adapted to the user’s needs. The foldable workspace is 2m (6’7”) wide and 1.8m (5’10”) tall. It’s made with thick acoustic fabric that reduces incoming and outgoing noises by over 35%, according to the website for Popup Studio.

Martin Ahe focused on noise reduction as his primary goal in the design process. For this reason, he used thick porous materials such as felt and tested the results in accordance with the ISO 354-2004 standard.

The next steps for Martin Ahe and his team are to create a smartphone application that will help the user manage noise levels in the surrounding environment. They are currently working on this app that will, as mentioned on their website, politely ask others to keep it down with a playful chirping noise.

The product is first launching on Kickstarter with the goal of raising €50,000 (or about $60,000) to fund the production phase.

“As so many of us suddenly have to work from home, in environments that were not designed for this, the conversation has shifted from aspiring to achieve work-life balance to creating a work-life boundary. For the sake of our collective success and inner peace, with Popup Studio we aim to help people to have that boundary defined more clearly,” says Martin Ahe in a press release.

Courtesy of Popup Studio

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