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Ground Control: Discussing Urban Design Therapy

Light to Be Seen project. Courtesy of Barcelona-based Emiliana Design Studio

As part of Paris Design Week’s fringe festival, Ground Control held design exhibitions, live radio discussions and on-site conferences. Several professionals focused on therapeutic urban design.

Invited guest speakers Emili Padrós and Ana Mir from Barcelona-based Emiliana Design Studio spoke about their work using design as therapy in urban settings. Emiliana takes a people-first approach, considering human problems in the city and creating designs that work towards solutions.

The design duo talked about their 2010 installation at the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica for which they were asked to embellish the museum’s entry in order to draw people inside. They created a circular seating area they called Summer Nest. Using a metal frame and straps, they built a visible marker of the museum’s front door, but also a place for people to sit. According to Padrós, the circular form “forces people to meet each other.” Emiliana has also worked with Swedish company Nola to create the Sunday bench which encourages interaction in public spaces, and with Escofet, producers of architectural concrete, for the Otto bench.

In addition to their own work, Emiliana Design Studio has collaborated with different communities on light installations. In 2013, with Down de Lleida Association in Lleida, Spain they created the Lights To Be Seen project which took thousands of empty plastic bottles from household items such as laundry detergent and dish soap and turned them into string lights. The lights, put together by young people with down syndrome, were then placed all around the city.  Implicating themselves in the beautification of their city drew a strong sense of satisfaction from the participants.

Le OFF – Paris Design Week 2018 à Ground Control

Retour en images sur la soirée de lancement du OFF de la Paris Design Week 2018 investissant cette année Ground Control !Retrouvez notre sélection de jeunes talents jusqu'au 9 septembre. #PDW18© Pascal Nottoli

Publiée par Paris Design Week sur Jeudi 6 septembre 2018

About the Author

Hilary Edesess is a freelance journalist based in Marseille, France. She blogs about culture, art and urban design.

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