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Harmonious Living With Furry Friends

Courtesy of MiaCara

“We have found that pets are no longer treated as before,” Jirachai Tangkijngamwong, R&D director of Deesawat told ArchiExpo e-Magazine. “Today, they are considered a member of the family.”

The company targets space creation where pets share the same space as their owners. Deesawat released the indoor/outdoor sofa Living With Pet in 2016, designed by Zero First Design and Jiranan Pisanan. The seating system includes a modular doghouse. Other human and pet combo pieces include Cat Tunnel Sofa and Dog House Sofa, both by Studio MUN in South Korea.

deesawat with pet_19

The indoor/outdoor sofa Living With Pet. Courtesy of Deesawat.

The love for one’s pets as members of the family is exactly why Sebastian Zweig founded Germany’s MiaCara, Italian for “my dear”, and Cara is also the name of their dog. He decided to bring knowledge of quality materials from previous work in the furniture industry to the creation of stylish dog and cat beds and accessories. The brand recently released its Scala Dog Pouffe, whose soft, open-cell foam inner cushion is made from polyurethane with an innovative chamber system to provide spinal support. In 2017, the company won the German Design Award for Albergo, a modular furniture piece that provides cats with an indoor space to climb, scratch and nap.

MiaCara Pet furniture design archiexpo e-magazine

Courtesy of MiaCara

Why give beloved pets what we don’t gift to ourselves? Thai design company Barketek wanted to move away from pet products with cartoon patterns and fancy colors. It aims at making pet furniture that mingles well with modern lifestyles. The company uses sustainable materials, like rubber tree wood from trees that no longer give sap.

Click here for more fun pet furniture and accessories.

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