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Hurricane Candle Holders by Maria Berntsen

All the information below is written by Stelton, but it is not sponsored content. We just have a thing for candles.

There is nothing cozier than those long summer evenings on the terrace in the company of your family and friends. And, instead of calling it a night when the Nordic daylight slowly disappears, you can just light the candle within a matte black stoneware Hurricane holder and let the evening last longer.

With her well-known sense of simplicity, Maria Berntsen has designed these stylish Hurricanes which create a special atmosphere and can be used year-round—both for long summer evenings and those dark winter nights. The discrete, yet distinctive design, is a perfect fit anywhere in your home, both indoors and outdoors, and works well with both normal candles and tealights.

The black stoneware lamps are weather resistant and can thus be left outside, even when it’s below freezing. When it rains into the lamps, the water runs out by itself through the designated holes in the bottom.

Hurricanes became available in stores in March 2019.


Design: Maria Berntsen

RRP: Small GBP 31.95 / EUR 39.95 // Large GBP 39.95 / EUR 44.95

Dimensions: Small Ø 11 cm / H 24,5 cm // Large Ø 13,5 cm / H 29 cm

Material: Matte black stoneware, glass

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