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    ICFF Miami: How to Successfully Invest in Art

    Photo: David Keith. Courtesy of ICFF Miami.

    The average art buyer or home owner looking to decorate a home can’t necessarily spend millions of dollars on an art piece. But it’s still possible to buy art by looking in unusual places. Mona Tranter, gallerist of Miami’s Tranter-Sinni Gallery, gave a talk entitled Investing in Art for Decor at the second annual ICFF Miami Design Fair. She discussed alternative avenues for buying art within a budget, and why one should buy art. Special guest contemporary artist Raphael Barrios added to the discussion by explaining how artwork affects space, highlighting his geometric works.

    In conversation with ArchiExpo e-Magazine, Tranter explained why it is more important than ever to invest in art, and described how it’s easier than one would imagine. As an art world advocate, the gallerist reminds us that there’s a difference between an original work and a piece of Ikea art—the latter is mass-produced while an original work is unique. 

    Listen to why art is an important addition to one’s home and what platforms to use to find original art.

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    About the Author

    Erin Gigl is a freelance design and travel writer, editor and artist.

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