In Parallel to Current NBA Games: Designer Basketball Hoop Boards

In Parallel to Current NBA Games: Designer Basketball Hoop Boards
Iconic Concrete. Courtesy of Court Studio.

Playing basketball has never been this classy with designer indoor hoop boards from Court Studio.

Whether you are a basketball fan or just someone with a preference for some modern design inspired by this popular sport in your home or office, the new indoor hoop boards from Court Studio are a great addition to any open indoor space in your home. Also considered as unique accent pieces, these boards, also called Iconic Boards, can start up a conversation or a basketball showdown in no time.

The designer boards are created by Paris-based product design firm Court Studio. They have collaborated with French artisans and have chosen the most suitable materials that are essential in creating a high-performance product with an original and unique style such as the Iconic Boards. 

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Image Credit: Brick background – Iconic Classic; Gray background – Iconic Concrete. Courtesy of Court Studio.

High-performance Iconic Boards in 3 designs

The Iconic Boards comes in three designs: Iconic Concrete, Iconic Classic and  Iconic X Trajectoire. Each board has a dimension of 64 x 40 x 2 cm with a hoop diameter of 25 cm. 

The Iconic Concrete is made of powder-coated steel and fiber-reinforced concrete which are high-quality materials that are selected based on technical and esthetic criteria. Recycled plastic made from shampoo bottles, milk jugs and car parts is the material for the colorful and unique Iconic X Trajectoire. 

In creating all the Iconic Boards, Court Studio tried to perfect the diameter of the rim which consists of a solid steel tube of 0.4” diameter, 10 net fasteners and reinforcement that guarantees solidity.  The breakaway rim is based on 2 steel springs that create a realistic feel with a 15-degree flexion on the rim when you try and dunk the hoop. The hoops’ net is made of 10 white nylon hoops that give a smooth appearance and a guaranteed sound effect.

All Iconic Boards come with a 5” diameter basketball in white or orange that is coated with synthetic premium leather with a soft-touch surface.

Iconic X Trajectoire. Courtesy of Court Studio.

Iconic X Trajectoire. Courtesy of Court Studio.

Mounting the Boards

A few tools are required to ensure proper installation. Before starting the assembly, you will need a spirit level, a drill, concrete drills (4mm and 8mm), a screwdriver, adhesive tape and a stepladder according to the height chosen for installation.

You can choose the mounting height according to your ceiling height, height or personal taste. It is recommended to fix the top of the panel at a minimum distance of 60 cm from the ceiling, the ideal being to fix it 80 cm from the ceiling for optimal use. After installing, you are ready to shoot some hoops in style.

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