Interview. AI Software by Habx Generates Personalized Floor Plans in 7 Minutes

Interview. AI Software by Habx Generates Personalized Floor Plans in 7 Minutes
"Our apartment needs to be clear and spacious and really not far from here." Courtesy of Habx.

Habx uses its AI technology to serve the end-user by providing layout proposals of their perfect home without wasting everyone’s time. In the near future, architects beyond the Habx studio might benefit from its technology. Learn how it works here.

“My home, my way,” is the slogan for French company Habx, who developed its own AI technology to help developers find the ideal architectural plan for their clients. 

Clients want to choose between multiple plans and want to see them quickly—now or two seconds ago—, while architects spend a lot of time making these multiple plans, all of which end up in the trash, all but one. Habx shows how artificial intelligence can be used to decrease the time wasted by providing multiple floor plans at record speed, all while maintaining the objective to provide the client with the perfect home.

Founded in 2016, Habx understands the importance of the human touch to personalize our homes, buildings and cities and has a studio of architects who initiate each project on the drawing board. The team at Habx uses its in-house technology to interpret the drawing, after which the software generates a vast number of blueprints, providing developers with a large portfolio of potential “perfect homes” for their clients. 

“We develop and provide a solution as a service that allows developers higher customer satisfaction, by putting the customer at the heart of the development. Thanks to the AI and augmented design technology we created, we’re able to provide more than several different blueprints very quickly,” Habx President and co-founder Benjamin Delaux said to ArchiExpo e-Magazine in a phone interview.

“It might take an architect one hour to make a blueprint, but it takes our technology 7 minutes.”

In the business for nearly four years, Habx has been collecting data that is useful for current development projects, allowing its team to create even faster blueprints that match the client’s criteria that much more precisely. 

“We get a lot of data for every project we develop so we’re able to anticipate because we can generate plans based on past users specifications. By storing and analyzing all user data, we can hone in on location, client factors—age, sex, marital status, etc—and more to identify additional specifications for the layout that the client will react to. In the next two years, we expect to have collected more than 10 million data points per country.”

In the future, Habx plans on automatizing the layout. However, the company will always start from the architect’s vision—drawing—as they do now, according to Delaux. In six-months time, Habx architectural plans will be on Revit, a BIM model software produced by Autodesk. 

“Our aim is to offer this product to architects. Currently, our tools are only used internally by our in-house architects. Tomorrow, when the technology will have advanced, some architects will use it directly.”

Read a similar interview we published recently with Spacemaker: “Homebound Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, Architects Use AI Software to Progress“. Both Habx and Spacemaker are a part of the Intelligence Artificielle et Architecture exhibition in Paris, currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The video below is in French only. Skip to the 1:59 mark to see clips of how the software works.

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