Interview. DreamHomes, Malaysia: Building for a Healthier Lifestyle

Interview. DreamHomes, Malaysia: Building for a Healthier Lifestyle

In this interview with Life Research Wellness founder Dr. Michael Tan (N.D.), we learn about the importance of bringing optimal health and peak performance into the constructed world and we learn how to do it with the exemplary project of DreamHomes, a cooperative community development project which integrates wellness, healthcare and more.

Last year, the wellness real estate shot up to a $134 billion industry worldwide. Doctors are now being solicited as lead consultants for home development projects. As with DreamHomes in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, property developer Story-world conceptualized the project and appointed Singapore-based company Life Research Wellness Pte (LRW) as the leading consultant in 2018.

LRW founder Dr. Michael Tan had already developed integrated preventive and predictive health management systems globally and, after launching Life Research Wellness in 2012, he developed a health care monitoring system that is being widely used in China.

Dr. Michael Tan has extensive experience as an electrical engineer, his line of work before retiring at age 44 and transitioning into the medical field. This is why he was able to develop the Geo Wellness system as a five-element guideline not only for health practitioners to understand and manage root causes of various health issues but for professionals in the construction industry to observe concrete solutions for constructing healthy buildings. The five elements of the guideline include air, water, light, geopathic stress and the electromagnetic field.

“I decided to focus on the fundamentals that affect our quality of life, health and wellness. Although the importance of these five elements have been known for some time, we’ve been unable to put it all together in our ‘built’ world. I started experimenting and realized we could implement this five-element guideline into every home.”

According to Dr. Tan, a healthy home or building requires a purification system for air and water; water that can circulate as it would in nature to avoid altering its molecular makeup; circadian lighting in the highly frequented rooms, notably the bedroom; a harmonizer to balance the distortion of geo-electromagnetic energies in the earth’s field from nature’s underground streams, fault lines, to man-made underground pipes and cables; and earthing and shielding technologies used to offer protection and neutralization of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF), such as crystals, energy plates, geo-resonators, pendants, pyramids, space harmonizers and even devices with laser beams.

Courtesy of Geo Origin

Understanding the geopathic zone and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Courtesy of Geo Origin

“In our own homes, we are exposed to poor air quality, chemicals and at least 10-16 hours a day of artificial light, not to mention a large amount of geo stress and exposure to bad energy; without integrating the five components together, it’s nearly impossible to create health and wellness anywhere in the world.”

Remaining in a building with artificial lighting for such long periods of time is enough to increase the risk of chronic illness, according to Harvard Researchers. Scientists and researchers also consider artificial light as a new threat to pollination, reducing visits of nocturnal pollinators to flowers by 62%, according to the BBC, Nature, Science Daily and others.

“Now we have light specialists, the Green Council; we have all the specialists for the various fields, but we don’t yet have an affordable and sustainable solution to propose, a full package. Until now. At LRW, we started implementing our five-element solution last year with positive results.” 

Implementing the solution is not too difficult. As for existing structures, Dr Tan and his team test the quality of the air and water in a home or building to analyze which rooms most need purification products—in addition to the bedroom and kitchen, a must. They look at the integrated water pipes and discuss with the plumber where best to cut the pipe in order to integrate the special pipe system which allows the water to run as it would in nature. They install LED lights, programmed to function as circadian light according to the appropriate usage.

The architecture plan of a home, an example of EMF zoning. Courtesy of Dr Michael Tan (N.D.)

The architecture plan of a home, an example of EMF zoning. Courtesy of Dr Michael Tan (N.D.)

“We have lighting suppliers and sound specialists. We work with people who are involved in the industry of building, retrofitting and supplying.”

They test the electromagnetic level to see in which areas it’s high. LRW developed Geo Origin technology and Geo Wellness health solutions to address geopathic stress while providing optimal health management. It aims to improve the environment by regulating the distorted electromagnetic field from the Earth for health restoration and quality living. 

They’d previously worked with researchers from various universities and government-funded establishments in order to create a fabric that shields from the distorted Electromagnetic Field (EMF), originally produced for military purposes. The textile, from brands like ShieldGreen, can be used to fabricate pillowcases, mousepads, curtains and more in order to protect people from and neutralize EMF. This type of fabric has existed for at least ten years.

In traditional Chinese medicine, we know the body is alive because of energy or Qi (pronounced “chee”), he said. Our cells function at a specific level of energy and each one has a voltage. This energy comes from electromagnetic sources, and once we have that energy, that’s when we need “fuel” like water, air, food. Like a car, without a good quality battery, no fuel will make the car run.

“Mother Earth is the power source. Many elements can alter the natural energy of the power source, such as underground cabling and deposit, generating GS which alters the energy composition of our cells resulting in chronic illness.”

We do not get enough Qi, he said, so installing crystals, pyramids and other devices have been an excellent way to receive the necessary amount of energy. However, over the years we’ve realized that many of the devices we’ve created are only as good as the knowledge we have. Many of the devices will, unfortunately, not function with 5G. Everything has a purpose. What works to counter 3G won’t necessarily function against 5G, for example. Dr. Tan and his team have been developing a series of products as a modulator in order to create a harmonious electromagnetic wave.

Shield green earthing pad. Courtesy of Life Research Wellness.

Shield green earthing pad. Courtesy of Life Research Wellness.

In the DreamHomes project, the five basic elements are built-in for the homeowners. An air purification and monitoring system is provided, circadian lighting is integrated into the master bedroom and other rooms desired, a main water storage system is provided as well as a water purification system for the kitchen.The Geo Harmonizer will be integrated before construction. As for shielding, they have options of products such as curtains, pillowcases, mousepads, all made from special fabric. Dr Tan and his team made a list of products for homeowners to choose from, containing different prices and brand names that offer lighting products and water and air purification products. The homeowners decide which products they want to have integrated. Everything must be tested accordingly before integration. 

They also created a Wellness Club House, exhibiting a new integrated approach invented by LRW. It acts as a fully-equipped service center for the 500 homeowners were they can go for heart fitness, brain fitness, energetic fitness, physical fitness and more. The center uses AI to help the LRW team improve its concept of the wellness center.

“We’ll know what machine is being used and when and by which families, so we can keep refining the system and better future developments.”

Dr. Tan runs workshops to spread the concept of healthy living and building. He and his team also help architects educate their clients on the wellness side. 

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