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Interview. Coming Soon for Estudio Persona

Courtesy of Estudio Persona

As an addition to our top picks of Uruguayan designers, ArchiExpo e-Magazine talked to Jessie Young and Emiliana Gonzalez, founders/creative directors of Estudio Persona to find out what they’ve been up to since then.

“We are currently working on the new collection to debut in May in ICFF,” shared Young and Gonzalez. “You could say we have an ongoing obsession with the circle shape. All of our pieces have components that speak to each other. They are strong, some are brutalist, with clean lines.”

The new collection features products including Ep, Nido, Puru, Totem, Una and Una Dining. Courtesy of Estudio Persona.

The current collection features products including the Nido chair, the limited edition Puru side table and the Una dining table. The new collection is coming soon! Courtesy of Estudio Persona.

The duo, originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, currently based in Los Angeles, California, draw a lot of design inspiration from their South American heritage in their creations, with art decoesque furniture, but they use muted colors that are not typically South American.

“It’s hard to find specifics of our native Uruguay in our designs. They’re inherent to the way we think and feel and what attracts us, and what doesn’t. Montevideo is a gray city and the weather has a strong impact on the mood of the population,” they explained. “The absence of color and accessories in each design is something that speaks of Uruguay.”

Estudio Persona has a future project in store—a hint, it will include small objects.

“It’s more about creating pieces that can stand the test of time. Products that speak to us beyond trends.”

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Born and raised in the concrete jungle of NYC, Allyson is passionate about languages—she speaks, reads and writes in five. She has a double degree in art history and communication and currently lives and works in the South of France.

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