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    Ceramics Are Us

    Top designers around the world are playing with ceramics, from the eccentric to the everyday. This issue offers information on those such as Jamie Hayon, NENDO, Moooi and Marcel Wanders and more.

    We take you inside the Normann Copenhagen Flagship store with designer Hans Hornemann, then to the French Alps with design brand By Hands.

    Don’t miss more on Sebastian Herkner’s transparent house for International Interiors show IMM. Our contributors bring additional information on IMM from young living trends to the Touching Tales exhibition.

    We’ve never really understood why creativity has to be put in a box and labeled.
    Courtesy of Barber & Osgerby

    Edward Barber (Shropshire), and Jay Osgerby (Oxfordshire), could hardly come from anywhere but England. Of the almost one hundred projects the duo have so far realized—mainly furniture but their portfolio even stretches to include the two pound coin, commuter trains and the Olympic torch—all of them bring a whiff of...

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    Ceramics: easy to control and free at the same time
    Courtesy of Layer Design

    Top designers around the world are playing with ceramics, from the eccentric to the everyday. In parallel to those such as Jamie Hayon, NENDO, Moooi and Marcel Wanders and more; ArchiExpo identifies one of many key design specialities in Mexico, the United States, Canada, England, Japan, Australia, Russia and South Africa. Check it out.

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    Shapes and sizes will range from the avant-garde to the experimental, the utilitarian to the venerated.
    © 2016 Moooi B.V.

    In our modern-day world we have found a multitudinous array of uses for ceramics. You might be surprised to learn that ceramics play a significant role in such specialities as hip replacements, electrical insulation, superconductivity and space travel. Yet it is our relationship with and use of ceramics on a daily...

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    Mark Isitt

    Mark Isitt is a freelance writer and journalist based in Sweden, specializing in Nordic architecture and design, and a frequent moderator during the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

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    Margot Dougherty

    Margot Dougherty is a writer and editor living in Venice, CA.

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    Rory Gale

    Rory Gale is an English teacher, interpreter and writer.

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    Amelia Card

    Amelia Card is a freelance writer and author currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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    Gerard McGuickin

    Gerard McGuickin is a freelance design writer and a blogger.

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    Olga Sterkhova

    Olga Sterkhova  writes and translates in three languages: Russian, English and French.

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    Erin Tallman

    Erin Tallman is a journalist and the Editor in Chief for ArchiExpo e-magazine. She contributes to other online publications and, as an author, has already published her first novel.

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    Hilary Edesess

    Hilary Edesess is a freelance journalist based in Marseille, France. She blogs about culture, art and urban design.

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    Erin Gigl

    Erin Gigl is a freelance design and travel writer, editor and artist.

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