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In parallel to the Chicago commercial furniture fair NeoCon, our June issue highlights the retail side for designers and the construction of commercial buildings for architects. You’ll learn about two opposing methods that retailers in NYC have for selecting the products they sell in their boutiques and the designer’s role behind retail window displays with expertise offered by Luca Nichetto and his team. Our coverage of NeoCon focuses on Biophilic design in the workplace for health and happiness.


Erin Tallman, Editor-in-Chief


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It’s what you see even when you don’t go in. It’s the idea of the shop, the brand.


Much like the god of merchants Hermes in Greek mythology, Hermès deserves to sit on the throne for mastering the fashion boutique world. The company thrives on creating dreams for its clients, from the layout of its accessories and luxury products in its shops to the impressive window displays that change a viewer’s...

Herman Miller flagship in New York City. Image by Max Touhey:

Learn about two different approaches for how retailers in NYC select the products they sell in their boutiques—two great examples which satisfy the younger generation and the seasoned.  Boutique furniture stores in New York still sell whimsical and elaborately crafted wares but increasingly they are influenced by some...


Banner Green Mood
Santos Augusta tower in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Courtesy of Isay Weinfeld.

Browsing through the real estate ads of newspapers and magazines published in São Paulo leads to the conclusion that multipurpose buildings are the latest trend in this city, the largest in Brazil and South America. ArchiExpo e-Magazine outlines three iconic yet different examples of this.  Mirador Oscar Freire  This...

People don't like fluorescent lights, blank walls and a lack of natural light.
Adobe office. Photo by Emily Hagopian Photography.


At the Chicago trade fair NeoCon, such professionals discussed how to incorporate nature into our built environments, notably the office setting. Here are some approaches and effective case studies from completed projects.    Biophilic design interprets our love of life and the living world, but it’s not about throwing...

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  • Courtesy of Vestre


    In our high-tech society, studies show we’re less inclined to be social. Is that really true? Human beings feel the push to interact and are finding themselves drawn to public spaces. Perhaps the old-style town, based around a public square (think Italy), wasn’t so bad after all. As cities grow, a need for community is...

    Tortona Fuorisalone 2018 Previews


    How can designers think future and technology while keeping people at the heart of their projects? Turns out, they can!   The third edition of Tortona Rocks portrayed an ensemble of experimental, storytelling design in the various Milano Space Makers venues located in the Tortona district. These captivating stories, in...

    Five floors of 120 high-tech multifunctional Smart Pods
    Courtesy of The Millennials

    / /

    A tourism increase in Japan is driving demand for capsule hotels, single-mattress-size hotel rooms popularized in the 1980s for businessmen. Among capsule hotels now catering to a new, more diverse wave of clientele is The Millennials, with one location in Kyoto and a second location which opened on March 15 in...

    Courtesy of Movimento 90º

    Every Sunday, the Minhocão elevated highway in São Paulo is closed to traffic, reclaimed by the people whose vehicles it serves. Landscape architect Guil Blanche is regularly among the throngs of pedestrians who stroll through the raw cityscape: The highway almost seems to bisect buildings themselves, with windows and...

    If you want to work circle: save weight, use purpose-driven design, use recycled materials, approaching the industry by demanding it.
    Courtesy of Dassault3DS and Kengo Kuma

    How can design and technology resolve environmental issues to create a better future?   This question has been repeated throughout the years and, for the Design in the Age of Experience exhibition which took place during the Milan Design Week 2018, Dassault Systèmes invited artists, architects and innovators to come...

    Courtesy of Lene Kilde

    The sculptures of Norway-based Lene Kilde appear to defy gravity, an optical illusion that transports the viewer to a world of partially invisible children....

    Courtesy of Byfusion

    In a world where 300 million tons of plastic is created and trashed per year, only 3 of the 7 types of plastic that are produced are recyclable. New Zealand...



    Detroit-based print artist Tyanna Buie creates large works and installations primarily using screen printing and hand-painted water-soluble Caran d’Ache. The...


    Monica Hutchings

    Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is also our in-house copy editor.

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    Ana Luiza Daltro

    A native of São Paulo, Ana Luiza Daltro is a former economics and business reporter from VEJA magazine who currently writes for three e-magazines within VirtualExpo group.

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    Erin Tallman

    American artist Erin Tallman is a journalist for various online publications and is the Editor in Chief of ArchiExpo e-magazine. She has published three books, including her first novel.

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    Vanessa Liwanag, is an MBA alumni of the prestigious Mod’Art International in Paris and founder of Creative Talents Worldwide.

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    Hilary Edesess is a freelance journalist based in Marseille, France. She blogs about culture, art and urban design.

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