La Mozaïk des Garettes: Passing On Responsible Building

La Mozaïk des Garettes is a participative housing development initiated by the City of Nantes. Cartouche Architecture designed the development and Bois Paille Ingénierie performed the structural study. The owners of the nine future homes and one multi-purpose community building participated in the wood, straw and soil construction project. 

ArchiExpo e-Magazine visited La Mozaïk building site in November 2020 and spoke to Mickaël Verger, straw building professional at Paille et Sens and educator at Botmobil, and Christophe Brochard, wood framing professional and educator at Construction Bois & Rénovation de l’Habitat who assisted the homeowners in building the community building. We also spoke to future La Mozaïk resident Nikolas Brustiec.

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