Let It Flow: Faucet Designs in Milano

Let It Flow: Faucet Designs in Milano
Water Steps. Courtesy of Front.

In the olden days, we had long hoses attached to a rickety faucet, pumping water with just a twist of its propeller-like knob. Nowadays, faucets and taps have evolved from the humble knob into different shapes and sizes, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and fully functional.

We discovered interesting collaborations in faucet design during Milan Design Week. First up is Verum Italy and Adriano Design, who teamed together to create Dueacca, a new category of tap and faucets for indoor and outdoor use. Not to be left behind is Axor with its continuing Waterdreams project, uniting different designers such as Front, David Adjaye and GamFratesi to create a collection of unusual faucets this year.

Verum Italy + Adriano Designs = Dueacca

Verum Italy started the design partnership with brothers David and Gabriele Adriano in 2015 and finally launched the Dueacca faucets this year at the Brera district in Milan. The design of each tap was based on the Adriano brothers’ design philosophy of re-designing a familiar object in a different way.

Their faucet takes the form of a cube measuring only 50 mm made in brass alloy, with the special edition faucets created in satin black gold. It is easily manipulated with a joystick attached and with steel accessories that can pin it anywhere be it indoors or outdoors.

Dueacca faucet Verum Italy archiexpo

Dueacca faucet. Courtesy of Verum Italy.

Waterdreams by Axor

For over 20 years, Axor has showcased interesting designs in faucets and showers from well-known designers such as Philip Starck in 2015 and Nendo in 2013 with their Waterdreams project. This year’s offering proved to be very much enticing, with a group of innovative designers fronting the line-up.

British architect, David Adjaye created Ritual, a faucet with a bronze channel that framed water flowing perfectly in symmetrical fashion.

Front interpreted flowing water as seen in successive levels in their futuristic-themed faucet design called Water Steps. Co-founded by Sofia Lagerkvist from Sweden, Front has partnered with Axor before and has since fascinated people in their innovative faucet designs.

Zen was the main highlight with the faucets created by GamFratesi, inspired by wooden fountains in Japan. The unique faucet is an instant reconnection of water with nature successfully attained by the Danish-Italian duo.

All these innovative faucets have just been presented recently in the Milan Design Week and will be showcased soon at the Axor online showroom.

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