Loving Materials at 100% Design

Loving Materials at 100% Design

The halls of Olympia London once again overflowed with creative talent and design inspirations this September, as 100% London took center stage. Among the emerging talents:


Key home décor pieces and fabrics designed by Mairi Helena combine vibrant colors and textures, lending an instant burst of color to any living space. Products in her latest collection include velvet cushions that combine texture and lavish prints, and an impressive range of bold wallpapers, plus velvet and linen fabrics. (Featured image).

textiles Mairi Helena

Courtesy of Mairi Helena

Works on Paper

A contemporary lifestyle brand since 2013, Elizabeth James Art presented a unique collection of home décor pieces and artwork featuring a variety of lines, shapes and fluid waves . Her Colour in Motion series was exhibited in the Works on Paper Art Fair, the Science Museum, and at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Battersea Square!

Elizabeth James art

Copyright: Elizabeth James


A contemporary, unique abstract style that is highly textured and vibrant defines the artwork of Deni Lillian. At 100% London, she showcased one of her masterpieces entitled Good Morning World, a beautiful work of art created on high definition metal.

Deni Lillian art. Courtesy of 100% Design, London

Deni Lillian art. Courtesy of 100% Design, London

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