Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Set: Rock.Air by Steininger

Steininger releases the modular Rock.Air in stainless steel to rock the 2021 gardening season for a more luxurious outdoor cooking experience. 

The Rock.Air is a play off the previous award-winning model Rock and its exquisite design is that much more eye-catching if ever it was possible. Following the Rock model, which received the German Design Award 2016. Steininger has released its Rock.Air to further the luxurious outdoor cooking experience.

Martin Steininger designed Rock.Air so that the kitchen cubes can be individually combined with each other and fulfill different functions: gas barbecue or lava grill, sink and dishwasher, fridge/freezer element with ice maker, storage space and burner. The covers of the individual blocks can be pushed to the rear, turning the back of the kitchen into a counter at the usual bar height.

The outer skin of the blocks is made of powder-coated steel, resistant to all weather conditions. The high-tech materials used can withstand temperatures below the freezing point. 

READ an interview with Martin Steininger here

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