Never “Heard” Like This Before

Never “Heard” Like This Before
Courtesy of Artemide.

The challenge of sound exists for all architecture projects from employing the right acoustical measurement system to drawing up the perfect ceiling. In Milan, we discuss the acoustical design world with professionals in town for the event and discover some fresh products.

Artemide, an Acoustic Gold Mine

Artemide, Red Dot Award winner in 2016 for its acoustic light Eggboard, showcased a few treats in Milan.

The first eye-catcher: a reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic lamp Nur. A special material used in this new version, Nur 1618 Acoustic, absorbs sound waves, decreasing the reverberation time. The geometry of the body traps sound inside and absorbs it.

Another new acoustic pendant light on display was the Silent Field by Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Made from PET waddling, it comes in orange, white and black and uses LED lights.

Atelier Oï designed the SINUA light, curtain and shelves with a lightweight, natural felt made 100% of wool with acoustic absorption; released just this year as part of Artemide’s Danese Milano collection. They’ve also presented their new Acoustic made with an aluminum track, iron and printed circuit board and a spot body in ABS. (See featured image).

Never “Heard” like This Before

snowcloud acoustics mitesco michele de lucci archiexpo

Mitesco by Michele De Lucchi. Courtesy of Snowcloud.

Caimi presented their Snowsound acoustic panels in an installation at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

Snowsound technology, seen in spaces such as the AECOM office located in Los Angeles, has been used in several new products: Pli, designed by Marc Sadler, and Mitesco by Michele De Lucchi, among others.

For the installation, Caimi created a model of a hallway, reduced largely in size, and divided it in half with strips of fabric. The same audio recording played on both ends of the hall. In the first section, the harsh sound vibrates the visitor’s eardrums; in the second section, a soft sound delights the visitor with peace. Mitesco panels were used.

Eliminating Noise Pollution

A series of designs showcased earlier this year were talked about here in Milan, including Focus by Zilenzio. Martin Hallberg, creative director at Radja sound design agency, mentioned products by Vivero and Form Us With Love after the design talk held by Svensk Form.

Finnish brand Vivero created Tomoko, an overhead acoustic ‘bubble,’ to address the need for a quieter personal workspace.

Form Us With Love released its new acoustic panels that look like wood, an addition to its Baux architectural products line. Their designs have been used in the office by Google, Nike and Volvo.

Exemplifying Sound Reduction

Skype’s HQ by Design Blitz portrays acoustic zones for collaboration, contemplation and concentration; while the Eataly conference room by Julio Lafuente contains sound-absorbent cladding and lighting.

Fosters + Partners designed the Apple campus 2 in Cupertino, California, currently under construction and due this year. The building’s ‘Sound Wall’ around the circular campus should reduce noise from the nearby freeway. Watch the official video of the project.

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