New Wallpaper Collection for FEATHR

New Wallpaper Collection for FEATHR

Kiki Slaughter and FEATHR have worked together on a new wallpaper collection. Their previous partnership, the Oh La La wallpaper and fabric collection won the Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interiors News Awards as well as second place at the Homes & Gardens Wallpaper of the Year Awards in 2016.

This new collaboration focuses on two pieces of Slaughter’s original artwork, Dreamboat and Safari, and turns them into wallpaper. The wallpaper’s success and originality lies in its incredible fidelity to the original pieces, from the brush strokes right down to the cracks in the oil paint.

The original Dreamboat piece is done in blues and greens in oil and acrylic on canvas. It is a textural and experimental piece. As a wallpaper Dreamboat is available in Blue, Concrete, Clay and Moss.

The original Safari, on the other hand, uses layers of oil and acrylic-lay as well as a metallic touch with gold, bronze, steel and oxidized coppers. It is available in  Gold, Bronze, Patinated and Steel.

Both wallpapers are available in 150 cm X 320 cm repeatable panels for residential or commercial use starting at £129/€149/US$169 and are available at

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