Nine Journeys Through Time. Alcantara and Art

Nine Journeys Through Time. Alcantara and Art

For the third edition of Nine Journeys Through Time, Alcantara and Art, curators Davide Quadrio, founder of BizArt, and Massimo Torrigiani, co-founder of Boiler Corporation, invited 10 artists to participate in exploring the material possibilities and qualities of Alcantara®.

The curators have been collaborating with Alcantara® on this series of exhibitions since 2016. The artists transformed the Prince’s Apartment in the Royal Palace into an artistic haven.

Its 100% carbon neutrality, water resistance and fire repellant qualities contribute to making the materiala top choice for covering all surfaces. Alcantara can also be printed upon, embossed, embroidered and electro-welded, which allows for various interpretations.

The artists responded to the context of the Prince’s home with the freedom to utilize the material as desired. They devised installations that brought visitors through moments of fantastic scenarios. The scenes entailed plays on peculiar science laboratories, mutations, blood vessels, prophetic apparitions, the artifice and essence of nature, psychedelic corridors and quirky metronomes.

The artists included Shanghai- and Berlin-based media artist Aaajiao; designer Andrea Anastasio; Berlin-based Italian composer Caterina Barbieri; Dutch structural and spatial creator Krijn De Koning; Chinese optical illusionist Li Shurui; Japanese Berlin-based installation artist Chiharu Shiota; Esther Stocker, who creates optically illusive geometric spaces in collaboration with Dutch Fashion designer Iris Van Herpen; Berlin-based art and design studio Zeitguised and Swiss soundscape installation artist Zimoun.

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