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Normann Copenhagen Unveils Milano Surprise

Courtesy of Normann Copenhagen

“I don’t know if I can say anything,” says Hans Hornemann, designer at Normann Copenhagen, to ArchiExpo back in February 2016. “It’s a surprise.”

Hornemann, Normann Copenhagen’s highlight for 2016, presented a new furniture line in Milan during the Salone del Mobile. We’ve been waiting to see him unveil his secret, and here it is:

The Ace collection, a range of self-assembly lounge chairs, defines flat-pack furniture to perfection. The seating, constructed from molded plywood upholstered in foam, is delivered in pieces that can be assembled in “a few minutes.” The back and seat screw together, and the four legs slide into pre-made holes.

Minutes before the interview with Hornemann in February, he arrived at the flagship store by bicycle. His cheeks pinched from the winter air, he walked in with a youthful energy. It comes to no surprise that his life in Copenhagen influenced his design for the Ace collection, aiming at “young urban dwellers” who require flexible living options.

Normann copenhagen milan 2016

The Ace Collection. Courtesy of Normann Copenhagen.

An inspiration to other brands such as Hornemann, Thonet kickstarted the packing-shipping-assembling innovation in the 1800s. Read our piece on the brand’s remarkable inventions.

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