Orgatec: The Ultimate Office Tour for Architects

Orgatec: The Ultimate Office Tour for Architects

German magazines Bauwelt and D-B2 organized a guided tour for architects during the fair. We were taken to several stands for product presentations from carpets to lighting and a focus on acoustics, sustainability and smart choices.

Object Carpet gave a presentation on how to use its online configurator in the “Shaping Spaces” exhibition. The question is whether an interior designer or architect can download a space via BIM or other software in order to see what the carpet would look like in their designed spaces. It’s not yet clear, but they can choose from a number of pre-made rooms provided by Object Carpet. We also learned about its new luxury brand MANUFAKTUR and new collections WEB FLEX and FREESTILE, whose carpets are made from 100% PET fiber.

We later toured “The smart co-working lobby,” whose lounge was supported by Carpet Concept. The space had office bikes, a scented coffee bar, a relaxed lounge and quiet retreats, using the Carpet Concept CAS Rooms system.

“In the future, rooms will be smarter, more intelligent,” Matthias Quinkert from Carpet Concept said in an interview with curator Michael O. Schmutzer from Design Offices. “While it was still troublesome to control one’s office or home via smartphone 10 years ago, it is commonplace today. This new thinking between team spirit and individuality, collective intelligence and community requires new spaces. Quick and individual spaces, which promote both digital and analogue working and allow flexible adaptation.”

Read about how carpets can reverse climate change.

Exhibitors such as Toucan T Carpet focused on acoustics. The company exhibited its new Maesh unlimited collection and T-SONIC backing. A wide room requires global sound absorption, an important step towards qualified room acoustics. In most modern offices—particularly when modern sectional ceilings are used—the floor is the largest contiguous surface for acoustic measures. According to Toucan T Carpet, noise and visual disturbances strain the power of concentration. A VDI study (Association of German Engineers) puts the losses of performance due to these factors at 20 to 30%. Toucan T Carpet claims these losses of performance can be reduced by T-SONIC.

We visited a number of other exhibitors; Microsoft showcased the Ecophon acoustics from Saint Gobain and Holzmedia’s Smart Planning concept, customized conference room solutions; one of the pioneers for biodynamic lighting solutions, Waldmann Group focused on “natural light for human needs”; contemporary office furniture manufacturer ASSMANN presented its selection of smart office choices from its storage space containers, its new Orgabox—a type of office toolbox and pedestal that is stored in one’s personal locker—and Applica, a solution to hide cords and sockets.

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