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PDW: Artisanal Revival at Les Halles, Marais and Bastille


Courtesy of PDW2018

Paris Design Week presented new collaborations and creative spaces around the neighborhoods of Les Marais and Bastille. 

Two notable first-time participants brought life to the event: classic French brand Declercq Passementiers and up and coming artisan shop Empreintes. Declercq Passementiers has been in the curtain and upholstery business since 1852, while Empreintes currently sells 1000 artisanal pieces made by 200 France-based artisans. ArchiExpo e-Magazine explored the district and also discovered the new collection of lighting manufacturer Disderot

Luce, an Experiment of Light by Declercq Passementiers

A magnificent display of lighted curtains were presented at the Parisian headquarters of the historic French curtain and trimmings brand, Declercq Passementiers: Luce.

Declercq Passementiers CEO, Jerome Declerqc, explained to ArchiExpo e-Magazine that the development of their illuminated trimmings and curtains took two years from inception to production.

We wanted to add lighting to our trimmings, so we met Design Percept Studio and Brochier Technologies and we began to use the fiber optic cables that we developed with them, twisted it, plugged it and we saw that we can make beautiful curtains and trimmings with modern fiber optic technology.”

Declerqc further explained that the work invested in each piece takes time, two months to make one panel of curtain and four months for the handwoven pieces.

Incorporating the use of fiber optic technology—a modern contemporary technique—into our products with a history of classic 18th-century-old techniques, is our way on how we can make our products modern and relevant with the present time.”

Courtesy of Declercq Passementiers

Empreintes, a Showcase of French Artisanal Products

Recently renovated and opened this September in the heart of Les Marais is the creative marketplace called Empreintes. Communication Director Cecile Dubois met with ArchiExpo e-Magazine and shared that their new collection called Heritage includes ceramic pieces made from clay, plus furniture and décor objects made from stone, wood and paper, handcrafted by artisans that include Salomé Charly, Alice Gavalet and many more. Dubois explained:

All the artisans that have their products in the shop are members of Ateliers d’Art de France. Each one submits their products to us and we promote it to the public so the artisans can reach a wider market. We want to support the artisans and preserve their savoir-faire or expertise so they can continue to work and be able to gain from it as well.”

Disderot: Lighting Revisited

Mythical lamps from to 50s through the 70s were revived by French lighting manufacturer Disderot, respecting original works from Ateliers Pierre Disderot and artisanal know-how of designers that have worked with the brand over the years. Francois Grelet, owner of Disderot hosted a press event during PDW 2018 and presented the Fleur Lamp, created by Oliver Mourgue who was present at the event with fellow design luminaries Roger Fatus and Dirk Jan Rol. Francois Grelet spoke to ArchiExpo e-Magazine:

The Fleur Lamp was designed by Mourgue in 1967 and it was made with aluminum and silver caped bulbs, which was very new at that time. We reissue this lamp and we will start its production soon in our factory in the north of France and we will work with a new processes with the new aluminum sheets to be used to make the lamp, to prevent marks that are left on it when you touch it, like painting the back of the aluminum petals with enamel. Each piece will come with a certificate of authenticity and signed by Mourgue and will be in a limited-edition series, to be showcased at the next Maison et Objet in January 2019.” 

Flower lamp by Olivier Mourgue , reedited by Disderot in 2018. Courtesy of Disderot.

Flower lamp by Olivier Mourgue , reedited by Disderot in 2018. Courtesy of Disderot.

About the Author

Vanessa Liwanag, is an MBA alumni of the prestigious Mod'Art International in Paris, France and founder of Creative Talents Worldwide. A frequent contributor to ArchiExpo e-magazine, she also writes for top luxury travel blog LuxeInACity.

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