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PDW: Design Highlights at Barbes and Stalingrad

Courtesy of PDW 2018

The 18th district of Paris was a burst of creative energy during PDW 2018 as designers and artisans showcased their projects in different parts of the design district Barbes and Stalingrad. Collectif M (Made in France en Transparence) held exhibitions in two locations, at the district’s municipal hall and at Les Libraires Associes, and Une Autre Mode hosted an exhibition at its pop- up space.

Recycling and upcycling were employed by some designers and groups in the creation of their pieces, which include Marcia de Carvalho and Les Resilientes.  

Collectif M – A Collective of Creative Minds

Founded by designer and artist Maude Louvrier-Clerc in 2014, Collectif M comprises of design talents from all over France that contribute their respective expertise and artisanal know-how in creating home décor and fashion pieces made in France. The collective holds true to a philosophy with three values, puts together collaborative exhibitions and workshops, generates conferences and has one showroom boutique in Paris.

Learn more about Collectif M here.

Courtesy of Collectif M

Courtesy of Collectif M

They held an exhibition called (Re) Employ, L’Histoire De Nos Territoires with pieces such as the Contraste Table created by Space Factory and the iconic stool chairs, called Le Tripode, designed by interior architect Fabrice Daigremont.

ArchiExpo e-Magazine caught up with Edouard Roulle-Maffeis, one of the designers of Space Factory, who shared that the table that they presented at the Collectif M exhibition “is made with marble and oak wood, showing a contrast with both materials through their texture, composition, color and weight.”

It is a one-piece collection, we used white marble because it is a material normally seen in the kitchen, and we wanted to put the kitchen and the chef into the dining room so we joined it with the wooden dining table. It is our first piece, and for now we work mainly with marble and wood. We started making chairs also made with metal and oak, which is also a contrast between both materials.”

A vernissage at Les Libraires Associes also presented some key objects by designers from Collectif M, with Louvrier-Clerc showcasing her porcelain creations alongside jewelry pieces crafted by well-known designer Constance Guisset, who also presented her first children’s book, entitled “Brouillards” at the event.

Contraste Table. Courtesy of Space Factory.

Contraste Table. Courtesy of Space Factory.

Upcycled and Recycled Pieces from Marcia de Carvalho and Une Autre Mode

The district also exhibited impressive design pieces created by designers who have employed sustainable practices and have used recycled fabrics and materials in creating their design pieces. Marcia de Carvalho, for example, presented her clothing pieces made with old socks donated by people all over France in her showroom. She emphasized the employment of recycling old fabrics and materials in creating sustainable pieces without compromising on good design, telling ArchiExpo e-Magazine:

We will also be introducing a home collection soon with quilts and covers made from recycled socks. At present, we have clothing and accessories made with recycled socks and we want to continue doing this and promoting recycling and using sustainable materials.”

Une Autre Mode, an association of designers who practice upcycling and founded by Arielle Levy Verry, also presented a unique collection of home décor objects created by Les Resilientes in collaboration with Emmaüs at their pop-up space in Barbes. Small stool chairs and pillowcases made from fabric and paper salvaged from old furniture donated to Emmaüs was used by the design team of Les Resilientes in creating the pieces exhibited at the space.

Noemie Devime, one of the designers from Une Autre Mode explained to ArchiExpo e-Magazine that “the association supports designers and artisans from France who use recycled products and materials in the realization of their design projects.”

We do a lot of pop-up exhibits in France and other parts of Europe to promote upcycling and recycling as much as we can in creating fashion and home décor pieces.”

About the Author

Vanessa Liwanag, is an MBA alumni of the prestigious Mod'Art International in Paris, France and founder of Creative Talents Worldwide. A frequent contributor to ArchiExpo e-magazine, she also writes for top luxury travel blog LuxeInACity.

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