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PDW: International Design Action at the Central District of Paris

Courtesy of PDW 2018

Concorde, Opera, Madeleine and Champs-Élysées celebrated PDW 2018 by welcoming international artists and high-level design brands from Europe and Asia.

ArchiExpo e-Magazine marveled in all the excitement: on-site weaving demonstrations by Mourne Textiles at the Paris flagship shop of British home and lifestyle brand Margaret Howell, an impressive display of lights projected on the Eiffel Tower made by I.C.O.N. Lighting and Motoko Ishii Lighting Design from Japan and more.

Mourne Textiles: Mastering the Weave

Having already worked together for many years, Mourne Textiles, founded by Norwegian designer Gerd Hay-Edie, and British home décor and lifestyle brand Margaret Howell collaborated on a special treat for PDW 2018.

A weaving demonstration took place at the flagship store of Margaret Howell at Place de la Madeleine. Gerd’s daughter and master weaver Karen facilitated the weaving process during the event, where they used their traditional handloom that was transported from their atelier located in the Mourne Mountains in Ireland.

Le Tapis Milano was originally featured at the Triennale de Milan in 1951.

The collaboration between Margaret Howell and Mourne Textiles featured handwoven scarves and the re-edited version of the iconic carpet that Gerd created called Le Tapis Milano, originally featured at the Triennale de Milan in 1951 at the shop Mario Sierra. Manager of Mourne Textiles explained to ArchiExpo e-Magazine:

“The carpet is woven manually using wooden looms that have been in our atelier since the 40s and 50s. It takes around 3 weeks to make each carpet. Our home pieces are now available in all the shops of Margaret Howell and some exclusive pieces can be bought from our shop online.”

Mourne Textiles: Mastering the Weave

Mourne Textiles: Mastering the Weave. Photo by ArchiExpo e-Magazine.

Copenhagen Creatives Redefine Art Through Tech

 Maison du Danemark invited a dozen Danish contemporary artists (including two collectives) to participate in the Copenhagen Creatives exhibition, a month-long venture. The event demonstrated how modern technologies have affected society, behavior and people’s understanding. The works exhibited served as testimonies of how technology is redefining and recreating art. Among those invited, sculptor Carl Krull had his artworks included in the exhibition as well as the design projects of facility designer Oskar Koliander.

The artists, such as Carl Krull (featured below) rely on art and technology to achieve videos in virtual reality, two-dimensional carved wooden paintings or totem sculptures made of pink mushrooms grown under glass. “This generation of thirty-something is using new technologies and data as a natural tool that is becoming a full-fledged artistic expression,” Rebecca Graversen of the Danish House (8th) said in an interview with Le Figaro.

During the event, visitors could interact with the exhibited pieces by downloading an application to view them on their smartphone and could put on 3-D glasses to play mini golf. Danish art is becoming ever more playful, be it tactile or in augmented reality.

4D Performance, de Carl Krull. CARL KRULL

4D Performance, by Carl Krull. Courtesy of Cark Krull.

The Japanese Light up the Eiffel Tower

Japanese design has always been influential to many creative professionals and students based in Paris, developing a special relationship which has brought about Japonismes 2018 for this year’s PDW: a brilliant display of Japanese symbols and colors on the Eiffel Tower. Motoko Ishii Lighting Design from Tokyo and I.C.O.N Paris designed and produced the lighting for the Eiffel Tower. The lighting showcase started with an introduction showing a red sun rising until the top of the Eiffel Tower which was bathed in bright white light, followed by a reflection of bright colors that include blue which represented liberty, sakura pink which stood for beauty and green for diversity.

Japonismes 2018 for Paris Design Week. Image via Twitter @Japonismes2018.

Japonismes 2018 for Paris Design Week. Image via Twitter @Japonismes2018.

About the Author

Vanessa Liwanag, is an MBA alumni of the prestigious Mod'Art International in Paris, France and founder of Creative Talents Worldwide. A frequent contributor to ArchiExpo e-magazine, she also writes for top luxury travel blog LuxeInACity.

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