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A Safe & Hygienic Home


Courtesy of Nuki

So fresh and so clean. Even better, so safe. Two products out on the market use advanced technology to protect us from unwanted visitors; burglars and bacteria alike.

The hands-free and automatic Nuki Smart Lock first debuted in late 2015. It quickly advanced and can now work with the Amazon Echo. This secure lock system connects door to phone. Simple to install, mounting plates adhere to the existing lock cylinder or are glued to the surface around the lock. Using the auto unlock feature on the Nuki smartphone app, which is synced to the door lock system, smartphones becomes smart keys that allow you to open the door anywhere. Kept in a pocket or bag, they lock the door upon departure from home and unlock it as one approaches the door when returning.

Check out other locks on the online exhibition site ArchiExpo.

HygieneGlaze 2.0 by Duravit is a new antibacterial ceramic glaze for bathroom fixtures such as toilets and urinals. Not a cleaning product, the glaze is baked directly into the ceramic during firing. Fast acting, the material kills 90% of bacteria within six hours of forming. Furthermore, 99.99% are effectively destroyed after 24 hours. In contrast to conventional ceramic glaze, this hygiene glaze stops the growth of bacteria in its tracks.

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Erin Gigl is a freelance design and travel writer, editor and artist.

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