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    SOStierra2017: Earthen Architecture

    Courtesy of SOS Tierra

    The SOStierra forum, an international conference on vernacular earthen architecture, just wrapped up its 3rd year running during the week of September 14th-16th at the School of Architecture in Valencia, Spain.

    About 10 years ago a research project was formed at the Universitat Politecnica of Valencia, including architects Fernando Vegas and Camilla Mileto. Investigations began on the restoration of rammed earth structures made from earth, chalk, lime, gravel and other natural materials. To take the study further, Vegas and Mileto began collaborating with universities in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

    The resulting publication, Terra Europae, expanded the exploration to include domestic dwellings and techniques such as adobe, half-timber, wattle-and-daub and cob. This planted the seeds for the SOSTierra conference, which unites global researchers looking to expand earthen dwelling awareness.

    Open to the general public, this year’s conference welcomed more than 200 visitors from 35 countries. One of the many notable speakers, architect Fernando Vegas, spoke to ArchiExpo e-Magazine about earthen architecture techniques and possibilities, global presence of these dwellings, and future projects. Click the image below to listen to the interview below.

    earthen architecture interview

    About the Author

    Erin Gigl is a freelance design and travel writer, editor and artist.

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