Starck’s Smart Ring Aeklys Connects Body to Environment like Magic

After more than four years of research and development, Philippe Starck and the start-up Icare Technologies present Aeklys by Starck, the smart ring that connects you to your environment as if by magic. More than a new connected object, Aeklys by Starck works in symbiosis with the body for augmented humanity.

Thanks to revolutionary patented technology and a minimal ultra ergonomic design, this smart ring replaces all of our payment cards, tickets and other contactless identification devices. It has infinite and constantly developing functions.

Without a screen, without battery, ultra-resistant and waterproof, the smart ring has an inviolable level of security and protection of personal data.

“The path towards dematerialization pushes us to approach ever closer to the body. Aeklys by Starck is the object closest to the human, the smallest that offers so much power and concentrated services. The possibilities of the ring are endless, the only limit is our imagination,” Ph.S, as stated on his website.

CLICK to order one of the Aeklys by Starck rings here.

Aeklys by Starck. Courtesy of ICARE Technologies.

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