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Sustainable Bodega and Hotel in Rioja

Bodega Ysios – Rioja. Courtesy of architect Santiago Calatrava

Rioja, Spain, is known for its elaborately designed wineries. To play on such exuberant design, the students of the Yale School of Architecture were asked to design a world-class winery and hotel complex.

The project required students to confront the social, economic and environmental challenges involved in such an undertaking and led to a wide range of solutions for sustainable harvesting—using local resources and materials responsibly. Some of these solutions took into account the touristy nature of the area and included attractions and symbiotic food production to facilitate this industry.

The book, A Sustainable Bodega and Hotel in Rioja, written by John Spence, Andy Bow and Patrick Bellow and published in 2017 by the Yale School of Architecture, describes this studio research and project.

John Spence taught at the Yale Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship, worked with the Saarinen Visiting Professors Andy Bow, an architect and senior partner at Foster & Partners in London; Patrick Bellew, an environmental engineer and principal of Atelier Ten; and Yale faculty member Timothy Newton on a studio research project for a sustainable winery and hotel complex in the area. 

Click to read our article on Zuccardi Winery in Argentina and its secret doors and infinite stone.

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Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is our in-house copy editor.

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