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    When the Palace Hotel in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil was acquired by Fera Investments in 2011 with the intention of restoring the iconic Art Deco architecture to its former glory, the developers may not have realized the scale of their task. Last year, the restoration was finally complete—672 pillars, 471 windows, 317...


    In early September, a mass of camping tents cluttered Place Stalingrad in Paris, providing shoddy shelter for hundreds of newly arrived refugees with nowhere else to go. In this urgent situation, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo called for construction of two refugee centers. The city commissioned architect Julien Beller to...

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    The interior design profession in Japan, as explained by designer Kita Toshiyuki in 2012, was nearly nonexistent. The lifestyle there simply wouldn’t allow it. Limited space and cluttered shelves pushed the average citizen away from inviting guests over to admire their lovely home. There is, however, a definite move...

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