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    The Designers Market by “blickfang”

    Courtesy of blickfang

    IMM Cologne collaborated with blickfang and Heimatdesign to organize a new addition to this year’s fair in Hall 1, the Designers Market. Products exhibited in the Designers Market were available for sale on public days, unlike Halls 2 to 11, where direct sales are not permitted. The Designers Market by international design trade show blickfang brought together new and well-designed furniture, home accessories, jewelry and fashion that, according to blickfang, “no one has but everyone would like.”

    No established companies exhibit in the Designers Market, only individual designers themselves. Exhibiting designers included: Dua, Mullernkontor, Christine Kelle, Stuckwerk, samesame, Atornteller, Snurk, Fundamental Berlin, Daniel Sufiani, Tabanda, The Hansen Family, Haeute, Neue Freunde, Sebastian Durr, Frit & Franken, Freundliche Erfindungen, Via Berlin, Stallberg, Inteamdesign, Jonoconcept – Jonathan Radetz, Lupa Design, Raphael Poszgai, Sisman, Peppermint Products, Jorine Osterhoff, Burojet, Teilmöbliert, Zweigespann.

    Peppermint Design

    Peppermint Design

    About the Author

    Erin Tallman is a journalist and the Editor in Chief for ArchiExpo e-magazine. She contributes to other online publications and, as an author, has already published her first novel.

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