The French Concrete Market: 4 Companies Merge to Form TAM Groupe

The French Concrete Market: 4 Companies Merge to Form TAM Groupe
Courtesy of Arteon

Four French companies working in the field of concrete – Technique Béton, Arteon, Mandelli-Setra and Ideaplast – merge. After consolidation, the new entity will be called TAM Group.

December 31, 2020—Four French companies merge and create TAM Groupe to meet the demand of the French construction market, with the central objective of offering a large portfolio in the field of associated concrete.

Now, the products made by these four renowned brands—Technique Béton, Arteon, Mandelli-Setra and Ideaplast—will be stored in one place. This will allow TAM Groupe to speed up the delivery process on construction sites.

“By bringing together the individual qualities of the main brands in our sector, TAM Groupe now has a unique position which strengthens its position in the market,” says Ian Jarvis, Chairman and CEO of TAM Groupe, in a press release. 

“In a future where construction processes and the building environment will be increasingly connected, the entire supply chain must adapt in order to meet the growing demands for speed, reliability and collaboration. TAM Groupe, whose foundations are anchored on a unique heritage, is looking forward to this future, where its innovative vision, digitized and focused on its customers, will allow them to achieve savings thus contributing, at its level, to the sustainability of their businesses.”

Founded in 1964, Arteon specializes in lifting and fixing systems for prefabricated vehicles. Founded in 1978, Technique Béton manufactures and distributes construction chemicals. In 1957 and 1993 the companies Mandelli-Setra and Ideaplast were created respectively. These two entities are renowned for their plastic concrete products such as formwork spacers, profiles, studs and even supports.

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