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The Ideal Retirement Home

Couresty of SPARK. architects

Home Farm, a conceptual project combining urban farming and senior housing, designed by SPARK Architects, is scheduled for construction in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Though Singapore was the imagined site for Home Farm, the project was designed to be implemented anywhere rooftop soil planting is possible.

Winner of the Experimental-Future Category at the 2015 World Architecture Festival, the senior residence and urban farm is SPARK’s proposed solution to both how to care for an increasing population over 65 in many Asian countries and how to grow more food locally.

The project includes aquaponic vertical farming, soil-based linear farming and traditional soil-based farming. Plant life would enhance the living environment and provide employment opportunity for its residents.

Watch a TechKnow video on Aquaponic vertical farming.

Together with HSC Healthcare Group, SPARK plans to develop HomeFarm Cyberjaya on a 6.5-hectare site. The 200,000-square-meter project comprises of a HSC Medical Centre, six residential towers, a central productive garden and farm, nursing home, retail, sports and recreational facilities for residents. Each residential unit will include “MediHome,” a cloud-based electronic healthcare technology that allows users to monitor their vital signs while they are out and about.

SPARK architects home farm

Courtesy of SPARK architects

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